Creepy Goldshire Kids

So I have always thought human children were creepy in general, it wasn’t until recently that I discovered just how creepy they really are (not sure how I missed this all these years).

I found out about these ‘creepy Goldshire kids’ and decided I had to check them out for myself. At 7am I ran down to Goldshire, even though I thought they spawned in Stormwind, but to my surprise there they were, running down the road to SW in their creepy pentacle formation, then they stood around The Valley of Heroes for about 15 minutes running around a little in one area, always stopping to reform the pentagram. Staring at me…I could feel those creepy little eyes burning into my soul!

After this they ran off to the middle of Goldshire and just did more of the same running around, etc, for about 20 minutes. They even stared down Marshal Dughan, he ignored them, I assume it was out of fear. I don’t blame him. The Stormwind Royal Guard passed by, but they just kept going, they ignored my pleas for help. They also appeared to be scared of the children.

The leader is obviously the dark skinned red head kid, Cameron. He’s always in the middle. At one point I saw an innocent level 8 Warlock wander past, I don’t think she ever made it to level 9…dun dun dun. I also saw a level 8 rogue, she stealthed right past, I hope the kids didn’t see her. But they are clearly evil, so maybe such tricks don’t work on likes of them.

After thoroughly freaking out everyone in Goldshire they ran down the road towards Northshire, they stopped by the lake and spent about 8 minutes plotting their evil deeds. As a priest I tried to figure out a way to purify them, but nothing worked. They smiled eerily at my efforts and kept whispering to each other in secret. After that I followed them as they calmly walked to a house just down the road in Goldshire.

Inside the house were skinning and leather working trainers who acted as though they saw nothing. The children went upstairs, stood in formation and did not move.

Suddenly there was eerie music and I heard a mysterious, demonic voice. The children turned to me, their eyes glowing red, but before they could attack I threw a shield on myself and ran away as fast as I could. I must have lost them because I am clearly still alive…
OK, so I’m not sure that their eyes were glowing red or that they were going to attack me, that might have been all my imagination…But I did run…Creepy little bastards. I wasn’t going to give them a chance to sacrifice me.

Yeah. That’s how I just spent an hour of my life. What? There’s nothing wrong with that.
(I actually had set my WoW screen to ‘windowed’, and was doing stuff online as I watched the kids heh)
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  1. Jerry says:

    Is there a way to stop these six demon children of Godshire in WoW?

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